For me,2021 is the year of projects

OR Why you should define the problem for your projects on your own

Creating perfect projects as an AI Engineer requires both discipline and creativity.Discipline is needed,when you search for appropriate datasets,writing the code and tuning the model in order to obtain the best accuracy.In addition to this,online courses and textbooks can be considered as discipline-needed.

Right now,you may probably ask,”Okay,but what about creativity?If you say,that searching for the datasets,writing the code,and acquiring super-high accuracy need discipline,why do I need creativity?Having discipline alone will suffice,cause it does all the work for me.”

YEAH,I will agree with you.Having the discipline without creativity will suffice.But for whom?


If you want to work in an average company,have an average salary,and don’t stand out from others,then,maybe,creativity is not needed in your case.But for those,who want to be exceptional and be the better versions of themselves,creativity is essential.Creativity gives you a key to multi-trillion dollar companies and top universities in the world.You can create high-profitable business and generate hot ideas.The main thing AI Engineer need in creativity is PROJECTS.If you don’t have creativity,you don’t have interesting ideas and you don’t have interesting approach to the projects.If you don’t have creativity,you can’t solve unusual projects on your own.

There are lots of people,who have creativity,but don’t use it in a full extent.One of those people is me.I have applied creativity in lots of projects.But the ideas were given either by my local mentor or by mentors in online courses.What I mean is that mentors gave me the problem,and I was solving the problem.My creativity was used only for approach,by which I can solve the project.However,I haven’t ever generated the problem by myself.When I was looking to the various datasets,I didn’t have any clue what to do.Yeah,I know,how to find dependent and independent features.What message I try to deliver is that I didn’t even thought about the problem first,and then searching the datasets,appropriate for the problem.

Most data scientists have this problem.Their portfolio is full of projects,which either copypasted from other developers and slightly modified or had been done by them,but the problem,they want to solve,was given by Kaggle or any other third party.

I haven’t seen so much projects,that have been done on datasets from or other open-sourse websites.Kaggle have changed us in a bad way with its descriptions and notebooks.

Now,I have decided,that 2021 will be the year of projects.No Kaggle,no mentor from online courses.Only me and my imagination.

2020 was the year of online courses and theory.2021 is the year of projects and practice.Firstly,find the problem,and then search for datasets.Not vice versa!Cause again,you will just do,what other people require from you.And this kills the creativity.

Thank you for reading this article!



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